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"One of NCRA's primary objectives is to set national certification standards and assist states seeking to establish certification or licensing requirements. To that end, NCRA has administered its nationally recognized certification program for court reporters since 1937. In addition, many states currently accept or use the RPR in the place of the state certification or licensing exam."

Court Reporters Association

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NCRA Certifications


Registered Skilled Reporter

NCRA's designation that will recognize those stenographic professionals who are looking to validate their beginning level of competency.


Registered Diplomate Reporter

NCRA’s highest degree of certification designed for elite reporters desiring to join an exclusive club of reporting excellence.


Registered Professional Reporter

NCRA’s foundational certification designed for entry-level freelance and official reporters, students, those looking for a salary increase, and those in need of a license requirement.


Certified Realtime Reporter

NCRA’s realtime proficiency certification designed for those who want to demonstrate realtime competency, those looking for an additional salary increase, and reporters who wish to market themselves better as realtime reporters.


Registered Merit

NCRA’s next-level skills certification designed for mid-career court reporters, those looking for the next level of networking, and those looking for a potential salary increase.


Certified Realtime Captioner

NCRA's foundational certification designed for entry-level captioners who would like to begin working in the broadcast or CART captioning fields.

Pillars of Justice

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